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Mad Tribe

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Klangforum Wien

Official artist

Klangforum Wien – a force to improve the world. 24 musicians from ten different countries represent an artistic idea and a personal approach that aims to restore to their art something that seems to have been lost - gradually, almost inadvertently - during the course of the 20th century, which gives their music a place in the present and in the midst of the community for which it was written and for whom it is crying out to be heard. Ever since its first concert, which the ensemble played under its erstwhile name “Societé de l’Art Acoustique” under the baton of its founder Beat Furrer at the Palais Liechtenstein, Klangforum Wien has written musical history. The ensemble has premiered roughly 500 new pieces by composers from three continents, giving a voice to the notes for the first time. It could - if given to introspection - look back on a discography of over 70 CDs, a series of honours and prizes and around 2000 appearances in the premier concert houses and opera venues in Europe, the Americas and Japan, for renowned festivals as well as youthful and idealistic initiatives.

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Rahma Riad

Official artist

She was born in Iraq to an Iraqi father and an Iraqi mother to a Muslim family. Her father is the artist Abdel Reda Mezher, technically nicknamed Riyad Ahmed, and her sister is the presenter of the programs, Nima Riad. She joined her studies when she was young in the city of Salalah in the Sultanate of Oman, then she moved to live between Lebanon and Qatar. Rahma loved singing since she was young, and she studied the basics of singing to be able to develop her voice and talent. Her father, artist Riad Ahmed, encouraged her to sing, and after his death, her mother continued to encourage her to continue developing her artistic personality.

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Imogen Mahdavi

Official artist

Imogen Mahdavi’s music has been her escape into an optimistic future with her bright sound. Imogen is confidently blending her Iranian heritage into western pop, drawing on dreamy vocals.

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Dj Weedim

Official artist

Without hesitation, Dj Weedim is one of the greatest artists on the French hip-hop scene. He has this rare talent to deliver rich and impactful productions. Indeed, he has accumulated an incredible number of collaborations, with already established artists and with those of the new generation. He is recognized for his unique work, his remarkable energy, and his efficiency. Dj Weedim produces for a multitude of artists with varied and eclectic worlds such as Roméo Elvis, Alkpote, Vald, Spri Noir, Captaine Roshi, Jok'Air, and many more. The 4 opuses of his famous "French Bakery" bring together 80 artists, rookies, and legends, and offer us music that marked the audience and their era. Always active behind his stoves, the master baker is about to offer us the 5th batch for this year 2022.

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Official artist

Jérémy Dijoux is a multidimensional artist of the electronic music world. He’s a Future House producer under the name of Agrume, a Micro House cooker as Lowkust, and he’s a beatmaker called Le Juice. Jérémy has gained millions of streams throughout his numerous releases. Here, he adopts the moniker of Rayleigh, as a reference of a iconic manga character. And he builds a singular universe, mixing monochrome soundscapes and evocative atmospheres. The pace is deliberately slower and the beat heavier to emphasize the emotional dimension of the project. Drawing on his experience, Rayleigh has created a full concept, blending music and video that take you on an interstellar trip from Earth to the most remote corners of the metaverse.

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Official artist

Stou, a self-made artist who grew up in Wardeya Tunisia and made it to become one of the most controversial artist in the Tunisian HipHop known for his unique style as he spits fire and is unfazed by what others think about him.

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Dirty Dan

Official artist

Dirty Dan is a 7 time #1 selling techno and house producer/dj, launching his career early on at NYC's infamous The Sound Factory with a stint as lighting technician. Dan's ensuing adventures in music as an event promoter, in-demand DJ, and music producer take him around the world, performing alongside house music's glitterati. Fresh Farm Music, the label founded by Dirty Dan and afro-house master Oscar P, continues to pump out #1 charting singles on Traxsource and Beatport. And his latest contributions, as a sound designer for best-selling Native Instruments sample packs and an Ableton Live educator, cement his role in house music's evolution. Dirty Dan remains immersed in the music and guided by the beats.